Librarians and Archivists with Palestine (LAP) is a network of self-defined librarians, archivists, and information workers in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. For more information about our unifying principles, click here.

We need your help! This spring, some LAP members will be going back to Palestine for a more in-depth, follow-up working trip. We hope to continue to forge long-term connections with our colleagues in Palestine, and to develop ongoing projects and campaigns that combine our desire for practical skill-sharing with our commitment to publicly affirming the political context in which our work happens.

A few of us are able to cover our own expenses or get professional funding, but we are still about $8,750 short of making this trip a reality. Can you help us raise $8,750 by the end of February 2015? Please give as much as you can, and take a moment to forward this to others who might be interested in helping. $10 or $1,000 —every bit helps.

Saffurriya artifacts

Objects on display at Abu Arab’s Museum in Nazareth


A page from our post-delegation zine

Cover of a rare book at the Khalidi library

Cover of a rare book at the Khalidi Family Library.