“One Book” Translations

Translators' hands hold pens and phones in front of paper with typed and handwritten text.
Photos courtesy of Collective Translation at LaGuardia Community College Event Organizers

Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear: Poems from Gaza was originally written in English. At present, this book is only available in English. We solicited translations of the title poem “Things You May Find Hidden In My Ear.”

Special thanks to LAP Member Wun; and the organizers of Collective Translation at LaGuardia: Dr. Chris Alexander, Dr. Kristen Gallagher, Dr. Noam Scheindlin, Dr. Laura Tanenbaum, Dr. Nicole Shippen.

If you would like to submit your own poem translation, email One Book campaign organizers via onebookcampaign@gmail.com

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Bahasa Indonesia/ Indonesian

Bangla / Bengali (Translation A)

Bangla / Bengali (Translation B)


Cebuano Binisaya

Filipino (Translation A)

Filipino (Translation B)

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Guyanese Creole


Español / Spanish (Translation A)

Español / Spanish (Translation B)

Español / Spanish (Translation C)

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