Fundraiser for Yafa Cultural Center and Lajee Center

Thanks to your generosity, we raised $12,000 for the Yafa Cultural Center in Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus and the Lajee Center in Aida Refugee Camp.

Please note that this fundraiser is now closed. In the midst of the ongoing genocide in Gaza, conditions in the West Bank have increasingly deteriorated. Our friends and partners report near-daily army raids and frequent settler attacks, as well as the depletion of funding to support the crucial ongoing cultural programming they are providing in the community. 

During both our 2013 and 2015 delegations to Palestine, we had the privilege of witnessing the incredible work of the Yafa Cultural Center in Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus, and the Lajee Center in Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem. Can you pitch in to help ensure the continuation of the inspiring work of these two centers? 

The Yafa Cultural Center has a robust program which offers library training for staff as well as literacy work with children focused on reading, discussion, and analysis of literature. Children create art based on the stories they read, and also participate in scouts and youth leadership training programs. For more on Yafa Cultural Center, visit their Facebook page and read LAP’s profile of the center from 2015.

Children sit in a circle in the corner of a library. The library shelves are full of children's book. Two adults are facilitating.

The Lajee Center offers cultural, educational, social, and developmental opportunities. They established Aida’s first public library in 2000 and have continued to provide library programming since, including book clubs, workshops, and art and cultural events. Their Al-Yasmeen Kindergarten provides education for the youngest students who would otherwise need to cross checkpoints to access any schooling. The Lajee Center is currently working on publishing their third bilingual picture book which features the art and stories of children within their community. For more on the Lajee Center, visit their website, which includes their library program and more, and read LAP’s profile of the center from 2015.

Children sit at a table, with pencils and papers. They are surrounded by blue library shelves filled with books.