Censorship Tracker

Librarians and Archivists with Palestine (LAP) is gathering data about incidents of censorship regarding Palestine in libraries and archives since October 2023. If, at your library or archive, you have faced censorship or repression of Palestinian or Palestine-related materials or expressions of solidarity with Palestinian people, we would like to hear your story. We intend to report on this information in some capacity, though the specific way will depend on the data we collect and the level of anonymity you request below. Possible formats include sharing your story in an anonymized fashion on social media, and issuing a report summarizing the data collected.

Note on data privacy: members of the LAP steering committee (eight people) will have access to your responses via Google Workspace. In order to help protect your data privacy, please use your personal email when completing this form, do not use your work email. You must provide an email address to report an incident, but you may opt to not share your name. Below you will have the option to select how public you would like information about your story to be in our reporting. Should you opt to allow identifying information to be included, we will give you a heads up before publishing anything, and may be in touch with further questions. If you opt for no specific identifying details, an anonymized description might include “a public librarian in the United States”.

The LAP Censorship Tracker was launched on Monday, June 24th 2024.