Carmelit School

Carmelit School

A display in the Carmelit School (Haifa, 2015)

The Carmelit School is a private religious school in Haifa. Their collection contains around 6000 titles for grades 1 through 12 (all of those students can visit the library, but they can’t borrow books until they’re in second grade). All books in the library circulate except encyclopedias, atlases, and some other resources.

For the last ten years, librarian Foz Francis has put together a list of books with high appeal and quality and coordinates a sort of book club where students read and discuss them, and then they celebrate at the end with a book march that incorporates writing, art, and theater. Foz explained in 2015, “The book march is the perfect project to encourage pupils to read in our era…It’s not an easy program and it [takes] energy thinking about different activities, but when you see the kids read so many stories and vote at the end for the favorite one…you forget everything and share their happiness.”

The Carmelit School’s library is online at

Watch a video of multiple people, including Foz Francis, talking about their work in school libraries during our 2013 delegation.