The Budeiri Family Library

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Al-Budeiri Library was founded by Sheikh Mohammad Ibn Budeir Ibn Mohammad Ibn Mahmud Ibn Hubeish, the Jerusalemite Shafii’. He was better known as Budeiri and Hubeish. Written sources indicate that he was born approximately in 1747. He was sent to Al Azhar institution in Egypt at age 7 and spent the next 30 years studying various subjects of science. He then returned to Jerusalem and lived in the Wafaiyeh Zawiyeh close to the Al Aqsa Mosque until his death in 1805. After his return to Jerusalem he assumed his activities in teaching, preaching and convening groups of theology discussions.

Budeiri’s inheritance and wealth he accumulated made it possible to spend most of his time devoted to his prayer and meditation practice. He began his collection of manuscripts early in his life, purchasing from other well-known collectors and prominent families. He also wrote scholarly works on various scientific and religious subjects. Before he died, he specified that his collection should remain in his home, where Al-Budeiri Library stands today. The library went through a period of not being cared for, but since reopening with new management in 2003, the Budeiri family has been actively maintaining the collection, through preservation, acquisition, cataloging, and digitization initiatives.