Educational Bookshop

The Educational Bookshop is located in East Jerusalem, with titles in Arabic as well as a substantial world language collection. The Bookshop hosts readings and, according to the owners, attracts a very diverse set of readers and customers. During LAP’s visit in 2015, we met with one of the Bookshop’s owners, Mahmoud, who discussed several issues relevant to publishing, including copyright issues, censorship, and difficulties bringing Arabic-language books into ’48. Mahmoud’s interpretation of reading trends among Palestinians started with an emphasis on a faith in the written word (which is fundamentally tied to Islam) that was (according to Mahmoud) fundamentally disrupted by the Oslo agreements, which destabilized a faith in writing, leading to a downward trend in reading. Mahmoud was optimistic, however, that the younger generation was beginning to read again. For more about the Educational Bookshop, view their website.